Aurele 2022 Planner 行事曆手帳 (10-11月發貨)
  • Aurele 2022 Planner 行事曆手帳 (10-11月發貨)

    ⇢ 大小: 18 x 22cm

    ⇢ 115gsm 紙張
    ⇢ 燙金仿皮硬封面

    ⇢ UTC 北半球時間



    ⇢ 年度月相日曆
    ⇢ 每月及每週頁面
    ⇢ 每月均有魔法、儀式、練習等之介紹及教學

    ⇢ 星相月相的指引、建議及肯定語
    ⇢ 每週肯定語、天文及星相月相現象
    ⇢ 每月頁面附有天文及星相月相現象記號
    ⇢ 巫師小知識如水晶、草藥及對應屬性


    ⇢ Size: 18 x 22cm

    ⇢ 115gsm paper

    ⇢ Hardcover with synthetic leather and Metallic Gold Foil

    ⇢ UTC Based. Best for the Northern Hemisphere



    ⇢ Yearly moon calendar
    ⇢ Monthly & Weekly Layout
    ⇢ A full guide, month by month to learn all about making Magick, with rituals, practice and  spells. 

    ⇢ Guidance, actions and affirmations all throughout the book from the zodiac signs and moon phases. 
    ⇢ Weekly affirmations, astronomical and astrological events, and moon phases.
    ⇢ The monthly layout on each month, with moon phases, celestial events, zodiac signs and mercury retrogrades. 
    ⇢ Witch's month information, on correspondences, herbal, crystal and more.