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Gaia Goddess Candle 蓋亞女神蠟燭 (無瓶)
  • Gaia Goddess Candle 蓋亞女神蠟燭 (無瓶)


    ⇢ 蓋亞為希臘神話中的大地之母,女神中的女神。透過幫助你接地,助你連結大地及周圍的世界

    ⇢ 雛菊大豆蠟 — 象徵純淨無瑕的能量


    **Candle was broken in transit. Most broken glass has been cleaned off. The candle is now on sale. Please handle with care to prevent injuries.**⇢ Atargatis is the Mother Earth, the Goddess of all Goddesses in Greek mythology. She helps connect you with the Earth and the world that surrounds you by grounding you.

    ⇢ Daisy soy wax symbolizes innocence and purity

    • Information


      ⇢ 大豆蠟製造

      ⇢ 配以相應功效之草藥、水晶及精油

      ⇢ 附有Tamed Wild原裝教學及Black Moon Tarot編寫之教學

    HK$348.00 Regular Price
    HK$248.00Sale Price
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