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Ganesha Crystal Grid Board 象神水晶陣木板

Ganesha Crystal Grid Board 象神水晶陣木板

⇢ 印度教中的象神象徵靈性覺醒及力量

⇢ 平靜思緒

⇢ 帶來處理外在世界起伏的力量,和探索內在世界的溫柔心

⇢ 以理性及知識去控制情緒

⇢ 切斷對世界不健康的依戀連結

⇢ 清除通往成功及智慧路上的障礙

⇢ 帶來正確判斷及清晰分辨的能力


⇢ The Hindu elephant god represents the call to spiritual awakening and power

⇢ Balances our mind

⇢ Brings strength to handle the tides of your external world, and gentleness to explore your inner world

⇢ Tempers your emotions with reason and knowledge

⇢ Cuts unhealthy attachments to the world

⇢ Removes obstacles in your path to success and wisdom

⇢ Brings righteous judgment and clear discrimination

  • Information

    ⇢ 4mm 厚樺木板


    ⇢ Made with 4mm-thick Birch wood

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