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Mandala Crystal Grid Board 曼陀羅水晶陣木板

Mandala Crystal Grid Board 曼陀羅水晶陣木板

⇢ 象徵宇宙平衡

⇢ 令人達至和平、完整的狀態


⇢ Represents the cosmic order

⇢ Helps achieve peace, harmony and wholeness within one's self



Mandala is a Sankrit word that means “sacred or magic circle.” Among Buddhists and Hindus, mandalas are circles symbolically designed to represent the cosmic order. Mandalas have some expressions of it in most diverse religions and indigenous traditions throughout the world as universal articulations of the human heart to be whole and achieve harmony and peace in one’s being, and wholeness within creation.

  • Information

    ⇢ 4mm 厚樺木板


    ⇢ Made with 4mm-thick Birch wood

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