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Nose Hope Paraguay Verawood Incense 浪活香旅人巴拉圭綠檀線香

Nose Hope Paraguay Verawood Incense 浪活香旅人巴拉圭綠檀線香

⇢ 巴拉圭綠檀木 — 濃厚森林氣息

⇢ 效果:被譽為生命之樹嘅綠檀,可以幫助接地、進入更深層嘅冥想狀態,同時清理舊能量,帶嚟和平同美好,保護你嘅能量場。




⇢ Paraguay Verawood — Rich forest scents

⇢ Effects: Verawood, also crowned the tree of life, helps in grounding and entering a deep meditative state. It clears stagnant energy and brings peace, grace and protection.


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    Brand Introduction

    Nose Hope tries to incoporate ingredients from all around the world to create quality incense. They explore the world freely with the attitude of a nomad and the heart of a traveler, in efforts to create unique scents. From grinding, formulating to packaging, the brand owner is highly involved. There is no doubt that Nose Hope is truly a craft incense brand, imbued with the creator's heart and soul.

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HK$68.00Sale Price
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