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The Sun Astro Magic Candle 太陽星相蠟燭

The Sun Astro Magic Candle 太陽星相蠟燭

⇢ 香味:乳香木質香

⇢ 將圍繞你的厄運轉化成好運氣

⇢ 提升你的能量、自信,清除你的厄運

⇢ 展露真實的你,讓你帶著自信成長


⇢ Scent: Frankincense & Wood

⇢ Transforms you from cursed to blessed

⇢ Boosts your energy,  confidence and cleanse yourself of curses

⇢ Reveals your true identity, so you can grow in confidence


12-page booklet:

⇢ What is Astro Magic?

⇢ Tip from your Aunt Jacki

⇢ Wisdom from Storm

⇢ The Sun - Curse Breaker Spell

⇢ Magic 5 uses for the Sun candle:

Prosperity — Your star power is what will break the financial glass ceiling you keep bumping up against.

Protection — Throw the power of the Sun back at who is sending you ill and those curses will crumble.

Love — Draw love into your orbit; romantic, companion, familial and clear away the blocks you constructed to avoid it.

Clearing — Break all the curses; the ones thrown at you and the ones you put on yourself.

Healing — Dispel the darkness that allowed the negative energy to take hold.

⇢ The Sun through the Signs

  • Information


    ⇢ 每支可燃燒約40小時

    ⇢ 精美紙盒包裝

    ⇢ 附有12頁小冊子,帶領你利用蠟燭中的星相魔法,定制專屬於你的體驗



    ⇢ Each candle has a burn time of about 40 hours

    ⇢ Comes in a beautifully designed cardbox

    ⇢ Comes with a 12-page booklet that guides you to customize the candle's astrological magic for a unique experience

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