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A Dreamless Sleep Earrings 耳環

A Dreamless Sleep Earrings 耳環

⇢ 紫水晶魔藥月亮耳環

⇢ 無鎳耳針

⇢ 高度: 4吋

⇢ 黃銅片:月亮、魔藥瓶、星星

⇢ 紫水晶柱


⇢ Amethyst Potion Moon Earrings
⇢ Nickel Free Ear Studs

⇢ Height: 4"
⇢ Raw Brass: Moons, Potion Bottles, Stars
⇢ Amethyst Points

Amethyst Properties: Psychic Abilities, Inner Peace, Healing, Transformation, Meditation, Balance, Stress Relief, Communication. Amethyst is a protective stone that guards the wearer from harm and expels ill wishes from others. This radiating purple stone is a neutralizer that relieves stress, soothes irritability, balances mood and alleviates sadness.

  • Brand Introduction

    Coco & Chamomile 是2020年建立的美國品牌,每件飾品都是由品牌創辦人Courtney手工製作,既獨特又適合於日常配戴。Courtney的設計用到很多水晶原石,當中有些更是她遊歷時所收集的晶石。Come and feel the magic!

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