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Affirmation Cards by Dreamy Moons 神諭牌
  • Affirmation Cards by Dreamy Moons 神諭牌

    ⇢ 30張牌 + 1張說明牌

    ⇢ 燙金卡面、卡背、卡邊及卡盒設計

    ⇢ 簡短肯定句

    ⇢ 附說明牌


    ⇢ 30 cards + 1 information card

    ⇢ Gold foil details on cards, card edges and box

    ⇢ Simple affirmations 

    ⇢ Info card included


    What are affirmations?

    Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired outcome or state of mind as if you’re experiencing it right now. Affirmations have been used for centuries in form of mantras or prayers.


    In a subtle way, affirmations change your thought patterns and can program your behaviour and mind to subconsciously search for ways to bring the desired outcome or situation into your present reality.


    Affirmations also affect the world in metaphysical ways. You are not separate from the world around you - we are all One. Understand that whatever words you speak with a strong focus and intention, have an effect on the world around you.
    How to use your DreamyMoons affirmation cards:

    There are many ways that you can use your affirmation cards. These are just a few examples.

    - Shuffle the cards and pull a random card out without looking. Treat the affirmation on that card as something the Universe is telling you to focus on.

    - Look through the affirmation cards in the morning. Select a few that you would like to focus on this day/week/month. Place them in visible places, so whenever your eye meets the card randomly, you read the affirmation. 

    - Carry a card or two that speaks to you in your bag or wallet. Affirmation cards are imbedded with positive energies of the affirmations, as they were created while I was focusing strongly on the affirmation written. 

    - Affirmation cards can be treated as postcards - feel free to gift them to friends and family. 

    - Cards can also be used simply as artworks - if you like the look of it, you are welcome to frame it or stick on a wall.

    • Disclaimer


      All information listed is for reference only. If the actual card deck differs from our description, it will not qualify for refund or return. 

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