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Ancestors Spell Candle 祖靈意念蠟燭
  • Ancestors Spell Candle 祖靈意念蠟燭

    ⇢ 配搭紫水晶 — 打開眉心輪,建立與靈域之間的連結,開啟與指導靈溝通的途徑

    ⇢ 配搭艾草 — 為夢行者偏愛的神聖魔法草藥,與靈域有深厚連結

    ⇢ 以末藥精油點綴 — 加強靈性感應

    ⇢ 麝香大豆蠟 — 淨化能量,並加強陰陽能量的連結和平衡,療癒情緒創傷,促進釋放恐懼及加強自愛


    ⇢ Amethyst opens the third eye chakra and creates a connection to the spirit realm, opening the pathway to communication with the guides

    ⇢ Mugwort is a sacred and magickal herb favored by dreamwalkers for its deep ties to the spirit realm

    ⇢ Myrrh oil promotes feelings of spirituality

    ⇢ Musk soy wax purifies and cleanses energy. It also enables greater understanding of the feminine and masculine divine connection and balance and heals emotional trauma, promoting letting go of fear and self-love


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      ⇢ 大豆蠟製造

      ⇢ 配以相應功效之草藥、水晶及精油

      ⇢ 附有Tamed Wild原裝教學及Black Moon Tarot編寫之教學

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