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Attraction/Love Intention Candle 意念蠟燭

Attraction/Love Intention Candle 意念蠟燭

⇢ 香味:薰衣草

⇢ 打開身心靈,連結愛的源頭

⇢ 顯化你所渴望和值得擁有的事物

⇢ 帶來自愛的醒悟,讓你明白愛由自身而起。當你愛自己,自然會相信自己值得擁有美好事物


⇢ Scent: Lavender

⇢ Opens your heart, mind and spirit to the ultimate source of love

⇢ Manifests what you desire and deserve

⇢ Brings about a true understanding that love starts within one's self - when there is self-love, you feel deserving of all good things

  • Information


    ⇢ 每個可燃燒約40小時

    ⇢ 適用蠟燭杯:按查閱



    ⇢ Each candle has a burn time of about 40 hours

    ⇢ Compatible candle holder: Click here

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