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Aura Balancing Small Flower of Life Healing Crystal Grid 氣場平衡水晶陣掛飾

Aura Balancing Small Flower of Life Healing Crystal Grid 氣場平衡水晶陣掛飾

Harness the power and healing energy of crystals with these lovely golden grids. Crystal gridding is a powerful tool to manifest your dreams into reality. An abundance of stones amplifies the energy of each crystal further charged by being placed in a sacred geometric flower like pattern formed from six circles, derived from the flower of life. The flower of life is an ancient symbol we represented in a fresh modern way.


It can be overwhelming to know which crystals to select and mix and match. Ariana has chosen stones with purpose and intention that have helped her achieve her dreams through creating jewelry, to enrich your life in a beautiful aesthetic, Crystal grids have a quartz point in the center for activation and to charge the potential of the rest of the grid.


Activate your grid with intention and positive energy to achieve your goals and tap into the true healing power of crystals to change your life and make your visions possible. Elevate your everyday and make magic possible by celebrating life’s simple moments with these grids in your environment. 


The combination of these crystals bring energetic balancing, anxiety relief, calm, tranquility, shine.


Sacred Geometric Pattern made of Brass -

Stones, all raw (wired wrapped onto grid)

Aura Quartz - Strength, light, releases negativity,  relaxation effects.

Lepidolite - balance and harmony.

Rainbow Fluorite - anxiety relief, prosperity.

Yellow Calcite - for sunshine, self confidence, self will power.

Sodalite - calming, enhances self esteem, communication.

Apatite - manifestation, attunement to the future, wisdom.

Blue Calcite Quartz - calm, tranquility, flow.


Dimensions- 6” diameter 1” thick

    Color: Rose Gold 玫瑰金
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