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Chakra Incense Holder 脈輪線香座
  • Chakra Incense Holder 脈輪線香座

    ⇢ 木製香座,印有對應脈輪符號


    Root Chakra 底輪

    ⇢ 平衡安全感、歸屬感、物慾、本能反應

    ⇢ 帶嚟接地感覺 — 踏實、活於當下


    Sacral Chakra 臍輪

    ⇢ 平衡創造力、生育力、激情、親密關係中嘅情感流動

    ⇢ 帶嚟愉快、熱情、情緒穩定嘅感覺


    Solar Plexus Chakra 太陽神經叢

    ⇢ 平衡自我價值、個人意志、自信心、決斷力

    ⇢ 帶嚟自我肯定、有勇氣追求目標嘅感覺


    Heart Chakra 心輪

    ⇢ 平衡愛、慈悲、施予之心、包容、情緒

    ⇢ 帶嚟和諧、無條件地接受同付出愛嘅感覺


    Throat Chakra 喉輪

    ⇢ 平衡溝通、自我表達能力

    ⇢ 帶嚟自然自在表達內心想法嘅感覺


    Third Eye Chakra 眉心輪

    ⇢ 平衡遠見、直覺力、想像力、洞察力

    ⇢ 帶嚟穩定、清晰判斷同接收訊息嘅感覺


    Crown Chakra 頂輪

    ⇢ 平衡靈性連結、智慧、整體意識



    ⇢ Wooden incense holder decorated with the matching chakra sign


    Root Chakra

    ⇢ Balances security, sense of belonging, materialism and instincts

    ⇢ Brings the feeling of grounding and living in the moment


    Sacral Chakra

    ⇢ Balances creativity, fertility, passion and emotional flow in intimate relationships

    ⇢ Brings the feeling of joy, passion and stable emotions


    Solar Plexus Chakra

    ⇢ Balances self-worth, willpower, confidance and determination

    ⇢ Allows you to feel accepted and acknowledged by yourself, so that you can go after your goals courageously 


    Heart Chakra

    ⇢ Balances love, mercy, generosity, tolerance and emotions

    ⇢ Allows you to unconditonally and peacefully give and receive love


    Throat Chakra

    ⇢ Balances your communication and self-expression skills

    ⇢ Allows you to freely and unapologetically express your honest thoughts and feelings


    Third Eye Chakra

    ⇢ Balances your perspective, intuition, imagination and insight

    ⇢ Allows you to stably and clearly receive and discern messages received from the source


    Crown Chakra

    ⇢ Balances your spiritual connections, wisdom, and sense as a whole

    ⇢ Allows you to consciously connect with the world

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