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Douglas Fir & Rosehips Tea 北美黃杉 & 玫瑰果茶
  • Douglas Fir & Rosehips Tea 北美黃杉 & 玫瑰果茶

    ⇢ 20個茶包

    ⇢ 味道: 溫和橘子前調、淡酸瓜果中調、清新泥土香氣


    ⇢ 20 tea bags

    ⇢ Tasting Notes: top notes of soft citrus, gently-tart melon mid-tones, refreshing earthy accents.


    A soft, savory tea that sings with the flavor of clean mountain air and the resonant note of rosehips. Harvested from California’s northern coast, this simple blend dances with sweet fragrance and a spark of tanginess. Serve hot for a restful companion in the cold, or chilled for the perfect refreshment after a long day outside.​​​​​​​

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      Juniper Ridge旨在將美國西部氣息帶給大家,利用可持續發展的植物去呈現野外的真正香氣。Juniper Ridge會將10%利潤或1%銷售額捐予環境保護機構。

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