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Emotional Balance Intention Candle 意念蠟燭

Emotional Balance Intention Candle 意念蠟燭

⇢ 香味:橙花

⇢ 助你連結潛意識、夢境、直覺和情緒

⇢ 教導你相信自己的直覺

⇢ 達至情緒平衡,令你感到內心富足,並讓你自然走上命定的路

⇢ 加強神聖連結

⇢ 連結神聖智慧及靈性力量,助你達至情緒平衡


⇢ Scent: Orange blossom

⇢ Connects you to your sub-conscious, dreams, instinct and emotions

⇢ Teaches you to trust your instincts

⇢ Reaches emotional balance to fulfill you and allow you to flow into your destiny

⇢ Strengthens your connection with the Divine

⇢ Find the conduit to divine wisdom and greater psychic powers that bring your emotions into balance

  • Information


    ⇢ 每個可燃燒約40小時

    ⇢ 適用蠟燭杯:按查閱



    ⇢ Each candle has a burn time of about 40 hours

    ⇢ Compatible candle holder: Click here

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