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❝限量版❞ Liberation Awakening Goddess Candle 覺醒女神蠟燭
  • ❝限量版❞ Liberation Awakening Goddess Candle 覺醒女神蠟燭

    ⇢ 香味:淡甜乳香味

    ⇢ 助你擺脫社會及傳統套於你身上的標籤及角色

    ⇢ 助你明白你的生活及選擇都是你個人的,不由別人干涉

    ⇢ 喚醒你內在的叛逆靈魂及自信,讓你可以塑造你的路,達到終極的目標 — 成為真實的你

    ⇢ 給你勇氣走出框框並走進新的世界


    ⇢ Scent: Sweet and light frankincense blend

    ⇢ Breaks you free from the labels and roles tradition and society have assigned to you

    ⇢ Helps you realise your life and your choices are yours and yours alone

    ⇢ Awakens your inner rebel and summon the confidence to carve your own path and achieve the ultimate goal – being yourself

    ⇢ Gives you the courage to step out of line and into a brave new world

    • Information


      ⇢ 每個可燃燒約40小時

      ⇢ 適用蠟燭杯:按查閱

      ⇢ 部分收入將會捐予Planned Parenthood



      ⇢ Each candle has a burn time of about 40 hours

      ⇢ Compatible candle holder: Click here

      ⇢ A portion of the proceeds of this candle will be donated to Planned Parenthood in honor of the goddess within each of us

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