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Lucky Potion Oracle 神諭牌
  • Lucky Potion Oracle 神諭牌

    ⇢ 44張牌

    ⇢ 緞面麻布紙質卡牌

    ⇢ 6面骰子配合卡牌使用

    ⇢ 附小型桌墊

    ⇢ 附說明書


    ⇢ 38 cards

    ⇢ Linen textured card stock with satin finish

    ⇢ 6-sided die to use in conjunction with the deck

    ⇢ Small die-rolling mat included

    ⇢ Guidebook included

    • Disclaimer


      All information listed is for reference only. If the actual card deck differs from our description, it will not qualify for refund or return. 

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