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Needed Change Intention Candle 意念蠟燭

Needed Change Intention Candle 意念蠟燭

⇢ 香味:檀香

⇢ 帶來逼切需要的改變,助你離開困境

⇢ 釋除負面能量及習慣模式

⇢ 逆轉阻礙你前進的力量

⇢ 驅逐負面能量及惡意惡念


⇢ Scent: Sandalwood

⇢ Brings about the instant change needed to get out of that situation you are stuck in

⇢ Releasing negative energies and patterns

⇢ Reverses the inertia tha keep you from progressing

⇢ Good for banishing

  • Information


    ⇢ 每個可燃燒約40小時

    ⇢ 適用蠟燭杯:按查閱



    ⇢ Each candle has a burn time of about 40 hours

    ⇢ Compatible candle holder: Click here

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