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New Moon Astro Magic Candle 新月星相蠟燭

New Moon Astro Magic Candle 新月星相蠟燭

⇢ 香味:金銀花、玫瑰

⇢ 開啟新的機遇,帶著強大的能量去創立新的事物

⇢ 幫助你播下意念的種子,於滿月時獲得成果


⇢ Scent: Honeysuckle & Rose

⇢ Opens up new possibilities and create with big magic

⇢ Helps you plant the seeds of intention and magic you will reap by the full moon


12-page booklet:

⇢ What is Astro Magic?

⇢ Tip from your Aunt Jacki

⇢ Wisdom from Storm

⇢ New Moon - Let it Grow spell

⇢ Magic 5 uses for the New Moon candle:

Prosperity – Part of self-care is tucking a little away for the future and watching it grow into amazing opportunities.

Protection – The most powerful way to strengthen your protection is to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit; growing into a powerful being.

Love – To have the energy to nurture others and grow your relationship, you must nurture yourself first.

Clearing – Begin again, start over and let go of the past.

Healing – Self-care begins the healing process, nurturing your own spirit into balance and health.

⇢The Full Moon through the Signs

  • Information


    ⇢ 每支可燃燒約40小時

    ⇢ 精美紙盒包裝

    ⇢ 附有12頁小冊子,帶領你利用蠟燭中的星相魔法,定制專屬於你的體驗



    ⇢ Each candle has a burn time of about 40 hours

    ⇢ Comes in a beautifully designed cardbox

    ⇢ Comes with a 12-page booklet that guides you to customize the candle's astrological magic for a unique experience

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