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Nose Hope Palo Santo and Osmanthus Incense 浪活香旅人聖木桂花麝香草線香

Nose Hope Palo Santo and Osmanthus Incense 浪活香旅人聖木桂花麝香草線香

⇢ 聖木 — 濃厚嘅果甜檸檬香同牛奶香氣

⇢ 西澳檀香樹枝 — 豐厚輕盈的果香及木質清香

⇢ 桂花 — 鮮甜花香 ➳ 麝香草 — 安定圓潤

⇢ 效果:聖木可以清理舊能量、舒緩壓力、帶嚟平靜心境同幫助接地同冥想就大家都知㗎啦。而桂花就象徵忠誠同真愛,加上麝香草,仲有吸引愛情、帶嚟勇氣、力量同療癒嘅效果。




⇢ Palo Santo — Rich lemony fruity notes and milky notes

⇢ West Australian Sandalwood branch — Rich and luscious fruity notes and refreshing woodsy notes

⇢ Osmanthus — Fresh and sweet floral notes

⇢ Thyme — Calming and mellow notes

 ⇢ Effects: Palo Santo clears stagnant energy and brings in a calming and relaxing vibe. It helps clear the mind, calm the soul and bring grounding energies to facilitate meditiation. Osmanthus represents loyalty and true love. Together with Thyme, this incense helps attract love, courage, power and promotes healing.


This formula has a mellow woodsy scent. Combined with the floral notes, it creates a comfortable atmosphere.


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    Brand Introduction

    Nose Hope tries to incoporate ingredients from all around the world to create quality incense. They explore the world freely with the attitude of a nomad and the heart of a traveler, in efforts to create unique scents. From grinding, formulating to packaging, the brand owner is highly involved. There is no doubt that Nose Hope is truly a craft incense brand, imbued with the creator's heart and soul.

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