Nose Hope Sandalwood and Gardenia Incense 浪活香旅人澳洲檀香梔子花線香

Nose Hope Sandalwood and Gardenia Incense 浪活香旅人澳洲檀香梔子花線香

⇢ 西澳檀香樹枝 — 豐厚輕盈果香及木質清香

⇢ 梔子花 — 奶甜花香

⇢ 特級老紅安息香 — 古梅香

⇢ 效果:檀香同梔子花有保護、加強神聖連結嘅效用,平靜內心並有助深入冥想。梔子花更係人際潤滑劑,有助梳理情緒,促進人緣及關係。聽講仲可以帶嚟甜蜜浪漫嘅氣氛,吸引適合嘅對象添。加埋清理內心障礙嘅安息香,效果自然更好。




⇢ West Australian Sandalwood branch — Rich and luscious fruity notes and refreshing woodsy notes

⇢ Gardenia — Milky and sweet floral notes

⇢ High quality aged red Benzoin — Aged plum notes 

⇢ Effects: Sandalwood and Gardenia provide protection and strengthen divine connection. They help in calming and entering a deep meditative state. Gardenia is a social lubricant that helps process emotions and improve relationships. It can also create a romantic and sweet atmosphere and help attract love interest. With Benzoin, which helps clear mental and emotional blockages, the effects are amplified.


The brand owner describes this scent as a field filled with flowers blossoming in the spring. The incense has neutral, milky and long lasting base notes that are soothing and luscious.

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