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Purification Spell Candle 淨化意念蠟燭 (舊版)
  • Purification Spell Candle 淨化意念蠟燭 (舊版)

    ⇢ 配搭白水晶 — 作為療癒及淨化大師,它有著為其他水晶淨化及充電的力量

    ⇢ 配搭鼠尾草 — 於許多原住民文化中都有淨化空間、能量及心靈的能力


    ⇢ Clear Quartz is the grandfather of all stones. A master healer and cleanser, it carries the power to cleanse and charge all other stones

    ⇢ Sage is sacred to many native cultures and purifies space, energy, and spirit

    • Information


      ⇢ 石蠟製造

      ⇢ 附有Tamed Wild原裝教學及Black Moon Tarot編寫之教學

    HK$348.00 Regular Price
    HK$298.00Sale Price
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