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Ruban Incense Holder 線香座
  • Ruban Incense Holder 線香座

    ⇢ 3D打印技術,以 40%回收木材及60%玉米澱粉製造而成,既安全又天然

    ⇢ 木質質感及香味會為你帶來驚喜

    ⇢ 法國安錫製造


    ⇢ 3D-printed from 40% recycled wood and 60% corn starch, totally safe and natural.

    ⇢ The texture and smell of wood will always surprise.

    ⇢ Made in Annecy, France


    注意:此革命性物料雖然防水,但於高溫 (攝氏60度以上)及陽光直射下,仍有融化的可能性

    Please note : This revolutionary material is waterproof, but it can melt in strong heat (>60°C) and direct summer sun.

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