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Sacral Chakra Wooden Incense 臍輪能量塔香+線香
  • Sacral Chakra Wooden Incense 臍輪能量塔香+線香

    ⇢ 香味:橙

    ⇢ 平衡創造力、生育力、激情、親密關係中嘅情感流動

    ⇢ 帶嚟愉快、熱情、情緒穩定嘅感覺


    ⇢ Scent: Orange

    ⇢ Balances creativity, fertility, passion and emotional flow in intimate relationships

    ⇢ Brings the feeling of joy, passion and stable emotions

    • Information


      ⇢ 每盒30支線香+10粒塔香

      ⇢ 每支可燃燒約20-30分鐘

      ⇢ 連金屬製香座,印有對應脈輪符號



      ⇢ Each box set contains 30 sticks and 10 cones

      ⇢ Each stick has a burn time of 20-30 minutes

      ⇢ A metal incense holder, decorated with the matching chakra sign, is included.

    HK$125.00 Regular Price
    HK$50.00Sale Price
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