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Sandalwood Soap 檀香手工皂
  • Sandalwood Soap 檀香手工皂

    消炎 | 抗菌 | 抗衰老

    ⇢ 幫助接地,回到當下

    ⇢ 加強與靈性世界之連結

    ⇢ 放下頭腦影響,走進心、靈

    ⇢ 帶來平靜、平安和合一的感覺


    Anti-inflammatory | Anti-bacterial | Anti-aging

    ⇢ Helps in grounding yourself and living in the moment

    ⇢ Enhances connection to the spiritual realm

    ⇢ Releases influence of the rational mind and tune in to the heart and soul

    ⇢ Brings the feeling of peace, calm and wholeness

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