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Seventh Sphere Lenormand 雷諾曼牌
  • Seventh Sphere Lenormand 雷諾曼牌

    ⇢ 36張牌

    ⇢ 白色防水環保膠質卡牌

    ⇢ 玫瑰金卡背

    ⇢ 不附說明書

    ⇢ 可配合Labyrinthos App使用


    ⇢ 36 cards

    ⇢ White waterproof, eco-friendly plastic cardstock

    ⇢ Rose gold  stamping on the back

    ⇢ Guidebook not included

    ⇢ Compatible with Labyrinthos App

    • Disclaimer


      All information listed is for reference only. If the actual card deck differs from our description, it will not qualify for refund or return. 

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