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Sun Magic Intention Candle 意念蠟燭
  • Sun Magic Intention Candle 意念蠟燭

    ⇢ 顏色: 金色

    ⇢ 聖化油: 乳香

    ⇢ 金色是終極的太陽魔法顏色,同時可以用來獻給祖靈、靈性導師、神明

    ⇢ 乳香的傳統用途為喚醒更高維度的意識

    ⇢ 此組合適合用於包含太陽儀式、實際性及靈性覺醒原素的魔法


    ⇢ Color: Gold

    ⇢ Anointing oil: Frankincense

    ⇢ Gold is the ultimate metallic shade for Sun magic, as well as honoring our ancestors, spirit guides, and higher deities

    ⇢ Frankincense is traditionally burned for its awakening of the higher conscious

    ⇢ This pairing is ideal for spells that include Sun rituals and ceremonies, practicality, and spiritual enlightenment

    • Information


      ⇢ 100%天然、可持續之棕櫚蠟

      ⇢ 每套蠟燭均附有一支水晶浸泡聖化油,可於燃點前塗抹於蠟蠟上

      ⇢ 每支蠟燭約23cm高,直徑約2cm


      ⇢ 100% natural and sustainable palm wax

      ⇢ Each set comes with a crystal-infused anointing oil, which you can rub onto the candle before burning

      ⇢ Each candle is approximately 23cm tall and 2 cm in diameter




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