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The Garden of Death  Earrings 耳環

The Garden of Death Earrings 耳環

⇢ 浮雕細工黑玉髓耳環

⇢ 無鎳耳勾

⇢ 高度: 3吋

⇢ 黃銅片:骷髏頭

⇢ 鍍金:月亮、水滴

⇢ 黑玉髓


⇢ Black Onyx Filigree Moon Earrings
⇢ Nickel Free Ear Hooks

⇢ Height: 3"
⇢ Raw Brass: Skulls
⇢ Gold Plated: Moons, Drops
⇢ Black Onyx


Onyx Properties: Onyx is a grounding stone, encouraging a sense of safety and guards one against negative influences. This beautiful red stone anchors and stabilizes the body to aid in self control. Onyx can be used for mental focus, grounding and helps provide the ability to stay on task. During spiritual counseling and channeling, onyx acts as a protective shield.

  • Brand Introduction

    Coco & Chamomile 是2020年建立的美國品牌,每件飾品都是由品牌創辦人Courtney手工製作,既獨特又適合於日常配戴。Courtney的設計用到很多水晶原石,當中有些更是她遊歷時所收集的晶石。Come and feel the magic!

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