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Yerba Santa Tea 北美聖草茶
  • Yerba Santa Tea 北美聖草茶

    ⇢ 20個茶包

    ⇢ 味道: 清甜樺木前調、鮮明花香中調、金銀花香氣


    ⇢ 20 tea bags

    ⇢ Tasting Notes: top notes of sweet birch, bright floral mid-tones, honeysuckle accents.


    With flavors reminiscent of the breathtaking landscapes it calls home, our Yerba Santa tea leaves a kiss of honey after each sip. Offering a hum of subtle sweetness, this native Californian blend is the perfect compliment to a calm afternoon spent daydreaming. Whether served warm or on ice, you’re certain to find its lightly sweet taste irresistible.

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      Juniper Ridge旨在將美國西部氣息帶給大家,利用可持續發展的植物去呈現野外的真正香氣。Juniper Ridge會將10%利潤或1%銷售額捐予環境保護機構。

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